Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fuck everyone.

Fuck you, for leading me on because the girl you wanted wasn't there all summer.
Fuck you, for being completely fucking oblivious.
Fuck you, for feeling me up and making me think you liked me, when you have a girlfriend.
Fuck you, for not even being decent enough to carry on a two-minute conversation.
Fuck you, for making everything about yourself.
Fuck you, for making me listen to awesome songs and making me think of you when I listen to them.
Fuck you, for being over.

I binged.
Well, technically it's yesterday.
But I don't count it as yesterday until I wake up the next morning.

So tomorrow (today), I'm fucking fasting.
Because, well, fuck you.
I'm going to be fabulous, and if you can't see that now, well then, fuck you.

Shit, I love this song.

I Want To Know Your Plans by Say Anything.

One of the guys at camp was playing this song all last week. He might even make it sound better than Say Anything, if that's possible. And all these songs by Say Anything, and MGMT, and A Day To Remember, and The Secret Handshake all make me think of these past eight weeks and where the FUCK did they go?

Anyway, fasting tomorrow. I'm going to try to slowly get back into the swing of things here.

And by slowly I mean force this fucking thing as fast as possible.
I want to stop thinking about what I should've done, should've said, should've kept to myself.

On a good note, I've been thoroughly vegetarian for possibly over two months now. Still going strong. :]
Chicken nuggets nights were hard. As were days of endless cheese sandwiches.
They feed us too much at camp.
And the milk.
Milk must be served to everyone (under the age of eighteen) at every meal.
And it's two percent.
Not skim milk.
Two fucking percent.

I'm rambling. It's late.

I love you all. @Anne, I could never leave, not completely. :] I feel like I've missed so much right now, and I'm going to be overwhelmed trying to get caught up on everyone's lives. But I'm glad you decided to join us on Blogger. :]
Everyone else, who I'm too tired to name (you know who you are, I hope), I love you. Thank you for your beautiful comments. I love you all so much. Thanks for sticking with me during this crazy summer, where I've disappeared for so long.

I love you.

I just realized I've had over 10,000 hits on my blog.
So thank you everyone for that, too. I know it's mostly been me just looking at my own shit. But still. :]


  1. guys short... be dick heads half of the time...and pretending not to be the other half. ive got the same stuff goin on...but im thinkin im just gonna enjoy the single life that comes with nice benefits. stay strong on your fasting days :) <3

  2. I love Say Anything :D
    And I am way too tired to post a real comment so here's my little sad commentary, just welcoming you back :)