Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More bullshit.

Starting tomorrow on ABC.
Because today was epic fail?

But now all the gross disgusting (delicious) food is out of the house, and I'm broke so I can't buy more (not that I have my license so I can go out and buy it).
So tomorrow is lemon yogurt and cottage cheese day!

Fuck it, I need to start eating better.
Scratch that. I need to stop eating.
Because I have a kind-of date.

Kind of...
So I texted this guy that I worked with this summer.
I always kind of had a thing for him and his twin. They're so damn cute! :] Not like the thing I had for the other guy, who I still really like but I'm 99.99% positive he has a thing for another girl we work with.
One of the twins has really long hair, which surprisingly enough is not a turn-off. But he has a girlfriend (so stop grabbing my ass, Jesus).The other one, the one I texted, does not. Either way, I told him that he and his brother should go to the State Fair with me (it's a big deal here), because I have no one to go with. Anyway, he's going to go with me, I'm not sure about his brother, but either way I have a kind-of date-ish thing, even though we're like friends, and that means I need to be skinnier by whatever time we decide that is.

And I got cute clothes today. :]
Slim-fit band shirts.

We're getting somewhere.
Even if I do now weigh over 160, which I haven't since like, April.


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