Thursday, April 14, 2011


So I purged again today, for the fourth day in a row.
I swore I wasn't going to.
And I might not have, were it not for going out with my friend after school. We got frozen yogurt, which is fine in itself, and had I just had the frozen yogurt, I probably wouldn't have purged (it did have strawberries and M&Ms on top, but whatever. I've been doing really well this week, with the exception of all the purging...).

But my friend got two big soft pretzels for herself and made me hold one. I told her not to, that I was going to eat it all.
She told me, "Go ahead."
So I did.
And I purged as soon as I got home.

Got all of the pretzel up, too. A little of the yogurt. The pretzel came up exactly the way it went down... Fast, in big chunks. Surprisingly enough, it wasn't painful or sticky in my throat like bread usually is, probably because of the yogurt.

I need to get out of this purging cycle.

On a brighter note, I woke up this morning at 166.4.
So I've already hit my goal weight for the week.
But I can't start slacking.

Because next week will be hell.
I'll be home almost all week (except for Tuesday and Wednesday- Tuesday I'm going on a college visit, and Wednesday I'm going to party at a completely different college. Yay, college parties!), which means lot of opportunities to purge. And binge. And be generally gross and fat.

I will be 140 by June 12. I will be 140 by June 12. I will be 140 by June 12.

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