Friday, October 29, 2010

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1. Give me hugs. Lots of them.
2. Don't be afraid to get close to me. Even though I'm afraid to get close to you.
3. Never bullshit me. Because when you say, "You're the perfect size," I KNOW you're lying.
4. Notice when I'm upset. Ask what's wrong. Console me even when I say I'm fine.
5. Don't pretend you don't like me, or at least that you like talking to me.
6. Have awesome hair (awesome muscles can be substituted for awesome hair).
7. Look at me. Even when I tell you to stop.
8. Above all, make me laugh.

I just binged on a bag of "fun-sized" Snickers.
Let me ask you this: What's so fun about a giant bag of calories, calling my name?


Granted, I had a granola bar for lunch.
But no excuses.

Eight ways to win your heart?

<3 Love you guys who answered. Love your answers. Love you. <3


  1. 1. Hold my hand. All the time.
    2. Make me smile.
    3. The taller the better.
    4. Be honest with me, even if it hurts.
    5. Absolutely cannot be skinnier than me.
    6. Always have my back.
    7. Don't put me down for being "weird".
    8. Love me.

  2. 1. be affectionate - not all the time, but when i need it
    2. don't make me afraid to truly be myself
    3. don't be afraid to truly be YOURself
    4. make me laugh
    5. genuinely find me engaging and funny
    6. only have eyes for me
    7. have a smile that makes me smile
    8. hold me

  3. 1. See me as much as you can
    2. Don't pretend you understand
    3. But let me know you're trying
    4. Kiss me
    5. Take me out
    6. Be a gentleman
    7. Let me love you
    8. Tell me you love me just as I am