Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1. I'm a cheerleader.
2. I over-think things way too much.
3. I'm in love with a boy whose hair is longer than mine... And who has a girlfriend 10x skinnier than me.
4. I love Ke$ha songs.
5. I'm not very profound.
6. I want to make it big in musical theater.
7. Camp is my life.
8. Eight is my favorite number.
9. Guitar is my outlet for emotions.

Now, if you're reading, tell me nine things about you. It can be anything. :]

Today was okay, I guess. Woke up at 168.8, hopefully will be 168.0 tomorrow...
But probably not.

I admit, I haven't been eating well lately.
I haven't been eating a whole lot.
But I haven't been eating well.

Sorry I haven't had much to say lately. I'm not in a good spot right now, I'm not really sure why.

Love you guys. <3


  1. i had a look on that site and i love the 10 days thing! can't wait to keep reading :)
    hmmm 9 things let's see..
    1. i'm debilitatingly paranoid
    2. i procrastinate to the extreme and i hate it!
    3. i've never been kissed by a sober boy
    4. gourmet sandwiches are my absolute favourite food!
    5. i have an obsession with scotland for no real reason
    6. i don't believe in god
    7. i get attached to people/things waaay too easily
    8. sometimes i am ashamed of my relative wealth
    9. i'm an orchestra nerd :)

  2. 1.I am learning to play the guitar
    2.I am only 4ft 10
    3.I love big mugs and notebooks
    4.I love flavoured water
    5.I have a puppy called Cassie and a dog called Roxy
    6.I have the attention span of a spoon
    7.My mum is Welsh
    8.I love music and singing
    9.I love you

    Hehe that was fun :)