Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 00

Today started a new life for me. A life of... Gasp! Actually working out?!

As a part of my school's 11 million dollar athletic revamp (yeah. ELEVEN MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS. Including two new turf fields, a redesigned grass field for modified sports, softball field, and overhauled weight/fitness room. And we still have no fucking theater. Go fucking figure), they redid our weight room. It now has two treadmills, two elliptical machines, and two stationary bikes.
Guess what Charlie is now in love with?

So, my friend and I decided that would start using the ellipticals every Monday and Wednesday (I'm not a slacker, I swear! Tuesdays and Thursdays I have chorus, play practice, and cheer practice straight after school until six! Fridays we have football games to cheer at, and excuse me, but I am not doing an hour on the elliptical right before cheering a three/four hour game. Ick). And we started today.
Food intake wasn't great today. Half a peanut butter (ew) sandwich for breakfast, a cookie, pudding for lunch. Ellipsisized (ellipsed? Who the fuck knows...) an hour (-410 calories). Came home and turned into Binge Monster, ugh. Slice of American cheese, handful of chips and salsa, three smallish slices of pizza (PIZZA.) and an ice pop. Then dance class, funnest thing of my life. My teacher tore something in her shoulder, so we had this awesome guy teaching class, and he's just so much fun!

Anyway, today starts Day 00 of the New Charlie.
Tomorrow starts Day 01 of ABC (Yes. Charlie's actually trying this YET ANOTHER TIME).
Who knows. Maybe this time it'll work out.

Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I love you. <3


  1. Yay we can do it together! <3you

  2. Yay for new starts!! Good for you darling. Jealous about your school thing, our "wellness centre" as it's called in the middle schools are SHIT. Hope this new plan goes well for you <3

  3. Can I ask what uni you go to? I just stumbled across your blog and it sounds alot like my uni. Any chance you live in Canada? This actually freaks me out haha, cause its scary to know someone near me could read my blog and walk past me all in the same day.

  4. Where did your school get $11000000??? Yay congrats! Good luck at the gym now! I know you'll do great. Who's counting? At least you're working at it. Stay strong hun! <3