Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Liquid fast, Day 2

I'm on Day 2 of a rather random liquid fast.

After weighing in at 174 Sunday, 172 Monday, I started liquid fasting yesterday (Tuesday, also 172). I'm currently 168.4, woo.

Feeling really crappy and sluggish right now. I worked out after school, went for thirty minutes, got a drink, hopped back on. After six minutes I started getting dizzy and called it quits.
No sense in fainting in front of a pack of muscle-lusting junior-year boys.

I just feel so exhausted. I know this will go away soon if I continue (which, ultimately is the plan). I want to be at least 165 before I end this fast, if not 160.

I've never done more than a 1-day fast before. I feel semi-proud.
And at the same time, like shit.
Sorry for such a crappy post you guys. I'll properly update later.


  1. good work on the losses! you'll be at 165 in no time :) x

  2. Are you drinking just water? Juice? What qualifies as a liquid for you? (since it seems to be different for everyone)