Wednesday, October 20, 2010


You learn something new every day.
Today I learned that among my other disorder eatings, I almost definitely have pagophagia, a form of pica (in which one consumes items that are not generally considered food, in the case of pagophagia, the item would be ice).
You can read about it in THIS WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE (yeah, I know, Wikipedia, but still, it's where I get all my information...)

It's actually kind of shocking that my obsession with chewing ice is actually a disorder.

And it's time for a story I forgot to tell you all.

Back in August, I went in to my doctor's office for a physical exam. She noticed on her chart that I had lost weight from my last physical and asked me what I had been doing differently.
"Oh, eating healthy... And I'm vegetarian now." I replied.
"Hmm. Well, keep doing what you're doing, since it's obviously working!"

I took that as a sign to continue fucking up my body with disordered eating.
I mean, why not?
(That one was clearly rhetorical...)


  1. Didn't get to reply to the last post: Congrats! That is definite cause for celebration :P Great job.

    Chewing ice...not something I've ever done LOL Doesn't it rock when you find a word that explains you to a T? Keep it up hun, you're doing great <3

  2. The craving to chew ice can mean you're anemic... Have you had your iron levels checked?

    "Strangely, when you are low in iron you crave and chew ice and paper (cellulose) or, oddly enough, crave sweets. Why? Because the trace minerals combined with the iron normally found in WHOLE grains (or grass fiber) WOULD satisfy the Neolithic sweet tooth in you AND meets your metabolic need. Craving solved! Unfortunately, nowadays we reach for a candy bar or pastry instead, and actually rob ourselves of trace minerals in the process."
    They recommend eating more protein and spinach.

    I'm not trying to make light of your problem, but if there's a simple fix, wouldn't you want to know?

    As always, <3you like whoa =)