Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fuel to the fire.

Alright, like always, prepare for fail.

Because liquid fast was an epic one.

But something happened today.
I don't know, something clicked. Something just happened.
It also had something to do with the lone dollar I had for lunch.
So I had a yogurt.
And lots of water.
Lots of water.

Cheer practice: owe coach five sets of suicides.

Go through. Can't breathe. Push through anyway. Feel like bursting into tears. Refrain from crying, refrain from puking.
Done. Catch breath, drink water, relax.

Pack of Starbursts. Five or six mini Halloween-candy bars.
Step on the scale.

Dinner tonight?
Maybe an egg and slice of toast.
Nothing more.
I'm feeling good.

Love you guys. Thanks for believing in me even when I fail over and over and over and over... (you get it).


  1. of course we believe in you. sounds like you're doing really well. stay strong, darling. dammit i want candy now though.


  2. I agree with Zette (no candy!). You're worth believing in because we know you can do it. And you try. That's more than PLENTY people can say. So when you question why, DON'T! We just love you :)

  3. well duh we believe in you, look how far youve come already :]
    your worth believing in because everytime you fail, you come back, which is more than alot of people can say.
    don't ever give up!
    (i love you too :D)

  4. dont worry just keep on going.