Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 1 On The Scale.

There's my scale picture for the day, taken AFTER I ate some breakfast (previous weight was 171.4; Go figure). Excuse the nasty fat foot.

Going to the emergency room later today to get my foot x-rayed. Did something to it.
Damn, the little fucker hurts.

Thank you for your lovely comments. I wish I had something awesome to tell you all about, but I don't.

So, sorry.



Just fucking kidding.
Apparently, it's not a big enough of a deal to go to the emergency room unless I'm unable to walk normally without pain still on FUCKING FRIDAY.

Thanks for taking me fucking seriously, Dad.


  1. Take care of your foot, Charlie, what have you done?? haha :)

    I'm pretty small, 1.54 m <--- an elf.
    And 52, 9 kilos <---too fat for my weight

    Goal: 100 libras :) = 45 kilos !

    Good luck ! kisses