Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hold me together.

I'm freezing.
Chewing ice.

I just did a "healthy binge", (which is basically me scourging the house for junk food, not finding any, and chowing on grapes, mini chocolate-covered rice cakes and slices of American cheese) and I feel like shit today.

I was looking at college audition requirements for the musical theatre programs I want to get into.
My top choice college has this requirement under dance requirements (all paraphrased, not exact words): "We want applicants to be physically fit and capable of handling the requirements of musical theatre."
I wanted to cry.

My favorite Christmas song is "Breath of Heaven".

"Help me be strong. Help me be... Help me."

I love it.

I also love this girl. She's amazing, and I want her confidence (note, I didn't say I want her figure, her boobs, her legs, her smile, her hair. Her CONFIDENCE).


  1. "I think I'm fucking awesome"

    omg, what girl. Well, I totally prefer to be skinny.

    have a happy day Charlie !
    and be strong ((sorry, my lack of vocabulary in english sucks))


  2. don't feel too bad! i doubt you're un-physically fit! don't be too hard of yourself, be confident like that girl in the video :)

  3. Umm...confidence. I would love me some of that also. stay strong lovely <3

  4. thank you for the video post...i guess she's got a point.. ish... got me thinking

  5. yup her confidence would be nice

  6. she may be confident but shes still a fatty. lol