Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm fucking ashamed right now.


Sorry I don't have a picture. Again, not really something I'd brag/lie about.

Five days and all I've lost is 1.8 pounds.
That's disgusting.
Alright, on my parent's scale it's 166.4.

But we won't believe the scale that's lower.
The scale that says I'm fat(ter) is obviously the correct one.

I can't go run because
a) It's fucking cold out
b)I have a sprained foot
and c) Pretty sure I'm depressed. Which makes me want to sit in my room and do nothing for the rest of my life, however long or short that may be.

So, fuck obligations. I'm going to clean and organize until I pass out.
Oh, and maybe do some of the fucking homework I've put off for the past ten years.


  1. i need to do homework too :/ mehhh
    at least you didnt gain any weight right thats a good thing :] stay strong <33 you'll get there

  2. its ok, sometimes your body gains the water weight that it lost back, or after a good strain of losing weight decides to stop losing as much. but it doesn't mean you've gained any fat back. Its ok, just keep truckin :)

  3. even if it's only two lbs and even if the weight loss is slow you should still be proud of yourself. i know I definitely am. as long as you keep chugging away i'm sure you'll see the lbs just melt off you <3 don't get discouraged!! i know you're feeling down but remember your successes!! you really are doing great <3

  4. even if its only two lbs and even if the weight loss is slow you should be proud of yourself! i know I definitely am! as long as you keep chugging away those lbs will just fly off, you'll see :) i know you're feeling down but you are truly doing wonderfully, don't forget the feeling of seeing that number on the scale go down <3

  5. Hey there..I know you don't know me but I just discovered your blog and am following :)
    stay strong and skinny!