Friday, November 19, 2010

You're beautiful;; Every little piece, love.

Thank you everyone for the beautiful comments. :]

I gotta agree, the girl from my previous doesn't have the body type I want. But it's still better than what I have right now.

Do you have a person who is always there for you?

I don't.

Today (since we're in the middle of production for our fall drama), I got put in an insanely bad mood, when someone commented that one of the guys' makeup was better tonight than it was last night (I did it last night... Skinny Annoying Friend did it tonight. I felt better a few hours later when he told me he hated it tonight, and liked last night's so much better). It seems like a silly reason, but I haven't eaten a whole lot today and when I start restricting, I get mood-swingy (and before you ask, I DO feel gross for what I did eat).
So, being my emotional, annoying self, I went and sat on the ground outside.

And the guy I was in the play with last year came over and sat next to me.
I haven't hung out with him in awhile. We don't have many classes together, and he usually prefers to hang with the prettier, skinnier, skankier girls.
So he came, and sat next to me, and messed around with me.

And did it again during the second act (I wasn't in the second act).

He's there when I need him. But not available when I want him.

I'm pretty sure I like that relationship.
I really love him, I wish he could actually be my brother. We pretty much are the same person, and act like brother and sister anyway.
Hey, Mom, let's adopt him.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that a bit.
Love you guys.


  1. aw don't feel bad about the mood swings, we all go through them when we restrict :/ i hate that i get angry/annoyed for no reason! and hopefully you'll be able to get closer to this boy... you deserve someone you can confide in <3

  2. I like commenting on your posts. You're awesome :]

    I wish I had someone like that. But I don't. And I'm tired of getting close to people, so I give up. But your guyfriend sounds cool :) Hope you're well <3

  3. sometimes i wish i was one of the skankier skinny girls just cuz they get so many guys. :(
    but other than that im naturally mood swingy so i dont notice the mood swings much lol.

  4. aww, maybe yall can form a good friendship you can count on!
    I hope all is as well as it can be with you :)