Saturday, November 27, 2010


Alright, I didn't post a scale picture yesterday, but I promise it was 170.0 first thing in the morning. Not exactly something I'd necessarily want to lie/brag about. So just look at the first picture again.

Last night was... Fucking interesting. I think I'm beginning to come to terms with the fact that K (guy from camp who I had the biggest crush on this summer) only likes me as a friend.

(Oh, I wore his sweatpants last night... AND I FUCKING BROKE THEM. Jesus, how fat can I be that I break guy's sweats? The string to tighten them snapped when I put them on.... But I totally didn't tell. :x Fuck, even if I know I'm fat, I'm not fucking admitting it to the world.)

So, we've pretty much decided that I just... Can't get high.
Which kind of sucks, on some levels. Everyone else is laughing hysterically and I'm just sitting there like "..... Dude. Fuck. This is NOT fun."
And I got like -30 hours of sleep last night, because we slept in a cabin with no fucking heat, only a fire that we kept going all night. It got smoky and it was freezing. I literally could not feel my toes.

But I haven't eaten in approximately 24 hours. I had some soda at the party... But no pizza. :]

Gonna go weigh myself... And take a shower. I bet my parents can smell the fucking smoke on me right now...

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