Wednesday, December 1, 2010


And I do mean literal shit, as in poop, as in fecal matter, as in in the toilet.

((This part of the post is going to be T.M.I., so I won't be offended if you skip it.))
So I woke up at 169.2 this morning.
Which was a pleasant surprise from the 170.2 that I ended up with yesterday morning (despite the fact that I saw it coming).

And I haven't really taken a good shit in about two days.
Everything finally came out tonight. Kind of grossly, I must say. I'd been feeling sick to my stomach all day, cramps and such. Knew it wasn't my period, because I just got my period a week ago (fuck that), so I figured it was something else.
And even after eating so much today, after taking such a gigantic dump, I was 168.0, and blissfully happy.
8 hours of sleep at night is doing me good.

((T.M.I. section is over.))

I realized I missed my blog's One Year Anniversary, so happy belated One Year Anniversary, Broken Mirrors!

-throws confetti-

I've come a long way from then.
I don't recommend reading my entries from last year... They are.... well, to put it nicely, PATHETIC.
From my very first post: "If I fail, it's here for the world to see, not just me."

Wise, wise words, young one.


  1. awww but i loved reading your entire blog! i got to know you a little better that way i think :D oh and our usual tmi warnings usually mean that weight loss is included so i think it is TOTALLY OK to talk about it hehehe ;)

  2. i love takin dumps, you weigh a lot less!! hahah and horayy for your one year! lol

  3. you are a winner.

    In gratitude for joined the "five days on the scale" and for your stamina, Cora & Charlie, I'm, kate lunacy, giving you an award.


  4. AHA! Agreed! Large dumps make me feel goood :)

    Happy anniversary! *joins the party*. <3