Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have faith in me.

It's a good song, you should listen to it.
It's by A Day To Remember. ADTR and Say Anything have become my new addictions.
And Lucky Charms.

But that's another story.

That we're actually going to discuss right now.

Here's my plan for tonight. Go downstairs, eat a big fucking bowl of Lucky Charms, and fall asleep down there, because it's too fucking hot for August.

And then starve. For a few days.

I don't PLAN on eating until the football game on Friday (passing out during stunting would be a very very very bad idea).
However, since you all know me, and know I'm a fucking fatass douchebag, you know that I'll probably be eating first thing tomorrow morning.
And tomorrow afternoon.
And tomorrow evening.

I meant to tell you guys a story.
One of my nights off this summer, we were driving around, picking people up (like one of the guys' girlfriend, one of the guys' wife, etc.) and we were going to go to the movies. I kept getting stuck in the bitch seat (middle back seat, you know). Finally got out of it, and had some space when one of the guys got dropped off at his car, and then one of the other guys is like, "Oh, can we pick up my girlfriend?", so we're off, and the guy I was sitting in the backseat with starts making fun of me saying I'm stuck in the bitch seat. And her boyfriend, who had shotgun goes, "Oh don't worry it'll be fine. She's like, TINY."
Long story short I ended up bitch seat again, but the point of that was the way he described her.
Like it was GODLY to be that small, like he worshipped her for that (and she is tiny, maybe five foot two, and skinny as fuck. The nicest thing, too. I was jealous all night).
Anyway, that was my "eating disorder epiphany moment" of the summer. And I figured I'd take some time and share it with you. It probably makes NO sense at all, because I'm exhausted right now.

But there. A proper post.

Lucky Charms, here I come.


  1. sometimes the motivation comes from the smallest thing. totally get it.

    good luck with your fast x

  2. Aw, thanks for sharing that. Gives some good insight. <3

  3. that is a good song. I love a day to remember!

    ahh, I hate when other people are called tiny. It makes me so jealous.