Thursday, September 9, 2010


Warning: RANT. If you don't care, don't read.

I really, really, really hate religion.
Of all forms.

Because no matter how many sane, rational people there are, there are always those few religious nuts.
Like Muslim extremists.
Because of them, simple-minded people now view Islam as this horrible religion that condones terrorism, etc.
Like Christian extremists.
Who take a book written by biased old men hundreds of years ago literally.
Like this guy who was going to burn as many copies of the Qur'an as he could on September 11.

I was baptized Methodist.
I don't go to church anymore.

To me, church is just a big conglomeration of fake, hypocritical people who act holy, but aren't really.
At least I can fucking admit to it.
I feel like a lot of violence could have been prevented if there were no religions in the world.
The Crusades, for one.

I'm spiritual.
I'd like to think I'm a moderately spiritual person.

But take your shit religion and stuff it down the throat of someone else please.



On a different note, my 48 hour fast was a (total) bust, but I'm trying something new. I'll tell you about it if it fucking works.
Holy mother of shit, I'm fat.


  1. i totally agree. the way i live is to be a decent person and either there is an after life, which in my opinion, sounds boring, or there is nothing , which doesnt nessasarily depress me because if im dead then how will i know im stuck in nothingness lol.
    either way, im going to enjoy life and not live with some huge weight on my shoulders of whether or not there is something "more".
    good luck on the "something new"

  2. lololol i was like "where is the the 'like' button for this post" xD

  3. I completely agree!!! Ibelieve in a higher dirty, but religions in themselves are, to me, like amped-up sports teams. People are too opinionated to enjoy the benefit of the religion in itself. Honestly. God/Allah/Ganesh all call to LOVE. Yet we don't love- we HATE, even- in the name of religion.

    You're right to rant, there is no sense.

  4. completely agree. the blatant activities of some religious extremists really bugs me. anybody can be a good person, religious or not, but if religion helps you to become that person, then fine. but don't go blowing people up or burning shit - for people who claim to 'see the light' they really are blind. stay strong x

  5. I heard about that too. But the guy sounded like a dumbass.
    I failed too. I think I''m going to fast indefinitely for a while. I feel like shit. Hope you're better <3

  6. Hi i'm a new follower :-) I love your brutal honesty about religion, so many people are so afraid to talk about it. I'm an atheist, and proud. H x