Monday, September 20, 2010

New goals.

1. Fit into Roxy jeans (size 11) comfortably (that means LOOSE) by after-Thanksgiving camp party (November 26th).
2. Outshrink (not a word, I know, but it would be lovely) adorable dress from Forever 21 (so cute, it's red satin-y fabric, poofy, with a bow in the front!) by Semi-formal (December 11th).
3. Fit into National Honor Society shirt (who the FUCK ordered me a small?!? Was that me?!? What the hell, Charlie!) by 2011 (January 1st).
4. Be a lot lighter by my birthday (February 3rd).
5. Have most of gut-flab gone by spring (March 20th).
6. Be bathing-suit-ready by the last day of school (May 22nd).
7. Be sexy in a white dress for graduation (June 5th).
8. Have a bikini (and look good in it!) by the time camp starts (June 26th).

Maybe these goals will be more productive than number-based goals. I'm sick of the fucking scale anyway...

Oh, and thanks to red's comment (by the way, we probably are the same person. Let's bond over it), I now have a Twitter! It's charlotterose8, and I'm going to put something to do with it over in the sidebar. :]
So follow me, I'll follow you, we can follow each other...... -seductive eyebrow raise-

No but seriously.

Shit, how can I be fucking serious at a time like this?!?!?!

I'm going psycho.
And this stupid boy texted me again.
At five o fucking clock in the morning.



  1. those goals sound great! i'm sure you'll get there in no time xx

  2. -eyelash batting- i'm following you :)


  3. Aww, charlie, your goals are lovely and make me want to hide my scale and fit back into my 138lbs clothes. What a wonderfull idea, i think so. I love my life by the way. I love anoying boys who text me at 4 am because they haven't slept yet. I love you and some times phsycos are the best people. Yes my boyfriend is amazing, who knows, maybe give the 5am texter a chance and he will maybe rock your world.

  4. Ahaha, cute post. The goals sound great! It's such a great idea to do it like this. :)

  5. Goals sound good, i would LOVE to feel confident in a bikini too, maybe i will steal one and make it a goal for me too :) stay strong x

  6. These goal sound fabulous. Absolutely fabulous, darling. Yes yes, shrink away :D

  7. Those are some really nice goals, I like them a lot! :D Mind if I borrow some of them?