Monday, March 14, 2011

Breaking point.

I always think about who the first person I tell about my secret life is.
And how it will be.
And what will happen, and who will say what, and who the first person to put their arms around me to hug me while I'm sobbing will be.

And sometimes I think, "Well, what if they just don't care? What if they don't want to deal with me, because I'm fucked and they don't want to get fucked?"
I mean, that's rational, right? We have a natural human instinct to protect ourselves before others (with exceptions like mother and child?).

Just a few thoughts. Sorry I haven't given you guys a real update in awhile (though I know you probably hate my mile-long posts. Or at least groan when you see them :]).

For your viewing pleasure, click to see my most-hated song of the moment. I love laughing at it, you might too!


  1. Humans actually are heartless. There is a joke here in Latvia: Don't tell anyone about your problems - 75% don't care either way and 25% are happy about that.
    I sure as hell know that this secret life will stay only online.

    Sending you skinnies.

  2. What. The hell. Was. That crap.

    I joke. remember:skinny1s <#

  3. Haha. that was supposed to be a heart at the end <3