Friday, March 4, 2011

My character flaws.

I'm obsessive.
I'm childish.
I'm petulant.
I'm a perfectionist. And if one little thing gets screwed up... EVERYTHING is screwed up.
I go fucking nuts when everything is screwed up, and do whatever the fuck I want.
I'm not very emotional in front of people.
I have a hard time opening up.
I never really say what's going through my mind.
I don't like to be touched.
I really do like to be touched, I just don't like people touching me. Especially without permission.
I don't like letting people see that I'm not perfect.
I'm a sore loser.
I don't ever know what to say in emotional situations.
I procrastinate. A lot.
I must be consistently grammatically correct. If I'm not sure, it bothers me.


There's this guy in a few of my classes. I'll call him G. He's one of the "popular" guys, and he's always been kind of a manwhore.
But this year, he's been really nice to me.
I totally have a crush on him.
He totally has a girlfriend.

Today, in my Economics class, we had to go to our project groups, then my teacher decided that we needed to go back to our seats.
As I was moving all my stuff back, he just came up to me and gave me a hug. I've never even talked to him before this year.

He's really tall. I mean, he plays football, so he's pretty much a brick wall.
A few years ago, I was playing basketball against him in gym class, and he stopped right in front of where I was running.
I literally bounced off of him.
And we all know that I'm not the skinniest, lightest thing out there.

And in Drama, while we're working on stage combat, if we're standing and listening to my professor teach us something, hes always facing towards me. Like you know how body language experts say that if a guy positions his pelvis (read: penis) towards you, he's supposed to be into you or something?
Not that I believe that shit, but whatever.

I decided to test another body language thing, where if someone is into you, they instinctively copy your body language (like, if you cross your arms, they cross their arms).
I dunno if he's into me or not, but that subliminal shit WORKS. I noticed he was standing the same way I was: legs spread apart, arms crossed, with his body angled toward me. So, I tested it, and dropped my arms to my sides. Within thirty seconds, his arms were at his sides. So, I crossed my arms again. And within thirty seconds, his arms were crossed again. I stood up with my feet closer together and put my arms down, and he did the same.

I gotta say, it was pretty amusing for me.


  1. That's really funny to look at. Once I tried copying body language of one guy. Even got a free drink out of it xD Human body is a funny thing.

  2. Omg we are so alike LOL.
    It's comforting. <3