Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just another quick post, I'm sorry. ;)

So, I've been throwing around the same five pounds for the past three-four-five months, which is not good. I'm going to be onstage in less than two weeks.
I need to be around the same weight I was last year, so I need to lose fifteen pounds.

But if I lose fifteen pounds (BIG IF), all my costumes will be too big for me, and my mom will be mad for not measuring (even though the measurements currently are too small for me in sections... I fudged it a bit, hoping to lose more weight before she could finish).

I started painting again today. I've never liked watercolors much, I prefer acrylics, but Jesus, watercolor pencils are AMAZING.

I have to go to bed now, because I am exhausted and it's 23 minutes past "bedtime".
Yep. High school senior. Have a bedtime.

Goodnight. Think skinny 1's for 2011. :]


  1. hah. I have a bed time too, love.
    I adore watercolors. I used to prefer acrylics, but watercolors are just so cooperative lol.
    They seem to know exactly what you want =]
    Stay Strong =]

  2. I have a bedtime too :D Otherwise tere is no way I'd wake up this early.

    15lbs for two weeks is a really huge target. You'll have to wor on that extra hard. But I'm rooting for you on this!

    And watercolor pecls are amazing. When I used to draw, I used them all the time.