Thursday, March 17, 2011

I hate people.

My cheerleading coach decided to make the day of our banquet (when we all get together, we reminisce, the captains-that's me- give awards, etc.) the same day as the final rehearsal for our spring musical.
At the exact same time.

And I'm sitting over here like, "Hell no. We change the time or we change the date. I might not have an amazing part, I might not do a whole lot, but fuck dammit, I'm going to be there when I need to be. So we change the time, or we change the date."

Apparently, we can't change the time, because there's a group scheduled right after us. And the next available date is in June.
Now, I'm FINE with having it in June. Or even moving it to another place.

There's another girl, who was the senior captain for basketball season (I don't cheer for basketball).
She makes a big deal at play practice about how we need to "learn our dances, and be at practice, doing what we need to do" (mind you, no one listens to her).

And now, as the four of us captains are trying to get together to plan our awards, she says, "Oh, I'll just leave play practice early to get to banquet a little late."

I'm sorry. I've NEVER claimed to be a good role model, but at least I can fucking commit and not be a total fucking flake. I can't stand people who are wishy-washy. She won't stand up to our damn coach, WHO ISN'T EVEN HER COACH ANYMORE.
I called her out on it too. She hasn't responded to the message yet (the captains are communicating via Facebook message right now), but I know she will. And she'll say something to piss me off.

I plan on emailing my coach about this. Because not being able to attend my own SENIOR BANQUET is completely unfair.

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