Saturday, December 18, 2010

Explain to me.

Someone please explain to my why my body looks better now, at 172 pounds, than it did the same time last year, at 168 pounds?

I mean, yeah I lost weight and gained it back, but wouldn't my body look worse then?

Fuck, it still looks like shit, so what does it matter.

I'm going to go try and sleep off some of the two packages of Pop-tarts and three cherry candy canes I just ate, then maybe go work out.

Woke up at 171.4 today, three pounds down from Thursday.


  1. well if you gained any muscle that could explain why. muscle is more compact than fat so it takes up less space. If you had, for example, 30 pounds of muscle then you would look smaller than if you had 30 pounds of fat. Thats just my guess though.

    And at least you're losing some weight! That means you're doing something right :)

  2. I agree with Mina. But I know how you feel, hun. I'm right around where you are. I weigh 172, and That was my first goal from like months ago. I really should have been at my second goal by now...

    But yeah, I know what you're going through, hun.
    Stick in there,
    And Stay Strong

  3. you might have gained back muscle.
    or, if you're heavier because of bingeing, then the weight is all in your stomach, so the rest of your body looks better but your intestines are full maybe?

    blehh i hate when stuff like that happens