Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm bingeing right now.

Just thought you all should know the extent of my failure.

On the bright side, my dad, who I usually hate, decided to be nice for Christmas, and get me a Taylor guitar (it's absolutely lovely, sounds like a dream), a Loudbox Mini acoustic amp, a mic and mic stand, and my mom, who I usually love, but don't usually like, got me an iPod Touch.
So, overall decent Christmas haul (even though it's not really about the presents, is it? Hardy har har...).

Anyway, I'm bingeing now, on popcorn and chocolate chip cookies. Last night, I ate an entire box of couscous all by myself.
So, all in all, I'm a mother fucking failure. And this mother fucking failure is starting a liquid fast tomorrow. Tomorrow, because today's a bust. I know people always say, "Don't start tomorrow, start today!", but I can't do that. I need a new day, fresh start. And I don't like to start in the middle of the week either, I prefer to start on a Monday.
Liquid fast will go until January 1st, preferably. Not sure if I can get through a New Years Party without food (fingers crossed). I'll say I ate before I came, but you know me: Binge Monster Ahoy.

Love you guys. Hope the holidays aren't sucking too bad for you. <3


  1. aaaaaaaaaa food food foood nom nom nom
    we shall prevail against food!
    *tomorrow* hehehe

  2. OH Charlie :( I went through losing my heart and the fucking musical when I was in high school... I went into a music major in college. It was worth it. Just get away from those stupid small town close minded people. Work hard and you WILL succeed at what you want. You really will. Getting away from high school people is great, seriously. I believe in you! You can do this.

  3. haha I con't do that "start today, not tomorrow" crap either. I don't understand how anyone can do it. And I need it to be a Monday too! I can't start any new plan until the beginning of the week. It just feels odd. Anyway, don't beat yourself up! You just have to find a balance between eating and losing weight. Find the balance, you find control.

  4. I got an iPod Touch, too! The one with the camera :) Anyway, I wish you luck with your new start. <3

  5. Aww I'm glad you had a decent christmas!
    Ill be thinking of you today, good luck with the liquid fasting!