Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why thinner is better than fatter.

1. When thin people are pale, they look smaller, more fragile. When fat people are pale, they look chunkier.
2. When thin people wear oversize clothing, they look delicate and tiny. When fat people wear oversize clothing, they look bigger.
3. When you're thin, you don't have to worry about being too heavy to sit on people's laps.
4. Fatties don't look good in anything, really.
5. Everyone thinks it's great when you're thin. It's a compliment when you're "so tiny". It's disgust when you're "so big".
6. When you're fat, people think you're out of control. When you're thin, people think you can handle anything.
7. Thin people are always perceived as happy. Whether or not it's true, don't you want people to THINK that at least?
8. Weigh the options: ogre versus fairy. Which do you want to be?

(( Let's all keep in mind, for you assholes who feel like getting offended, I'm fucking fat as hell. :] Thanks! C: ))


  1. you've got it spot on - so so so true. thin people just get away with anything...they look cooler, better, more fashionable, happier.
    we'll get there xx

  2. 1. Cheekbones - thin people have visible cheek bones. (Some pĂȘople like the gap between the thighs or the number of ribs poking out, personally i'm obsessed with cheek bones :)