Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hate my dad.

You know how much I hate my dad.
I go off about it nearly every month.

Today, like yesterday, we had family dinner. I have no fucking clue why, there's no need. I could've gone without scarfing food.

Whenever we eat meals together, he goes on and on about his workouts and how many calories are in such and such food. I mentioned that my friend was bringing Oreo balls for me tomorrow, because I asked her to make them for me (yeah, I know, such a fatass). I was describing to my mom what was in them, and my dad bursts in with, "Yeah those sound like the kind of things that have about 1,800 calories in just one."

I bring the brownies out for dessert, my dad says, "When I see these, all I can think of is how just one is an entire workout, you know?"
Then he proceeds to take the biggest brownie of the bunch, looks at it, and says, "No, this has WEIGHT. This is at least two workouts!"

I took the smallest brownie and ate it slowly, as he gobbled his down. I hate him.

Because, honestly, Dad, all I can think of when I see brownies is how long I'm going to starve after eating one. And for the record, working out doesn't entitle you to eat as much as you fucking want. You complain about how you can't lose weight- It's because you eat like a fucking monster!

I may have gained nearly all my weight back, but you gained all of your weight back and then some.
I also can lose up to two pounds in a day, if I really try.
Suck on that, asshole.


  1. I hate it so much whenever people do that. I know people can't read minds, but if they only knew the fucking tortuous hell that we go through every day in our minds.

    Stay strong.

  2. I hate that so much. My sister is exactly the same way. If i even look at a fattening food the wrong way, my sister pipes in with, "I wish I had the confidence to risk being fat so that I could eat something like that,"

    I'm like, WHAT THE HELL.

    So yeah, I kind of know what it's like.
    Just hang in there, hun. You'll get through this

  3. omg people do that to me all the time like not on purpose but like my roommate and my my whole family whenever they talk about anything even slightly food or exercise or calorie related i just cringe and the hardest part is when people who dont know about my ED start talking about 'girls who throw up' or 'girls who use laxatives to lose weight' and im just like OMG SUBJECT CHANGE like NOWWW!
    i hate food. and all topics related to food-body-blehhhh :///
    but at least you're trying to lose weight instead of being like the obese people who complain about being fat while they sit and inhale a whole pizza and never ever exercise..
    i used to be like that :/
    stay strong chickadee!! im always here for you <333