Thursday, December 9, 2010


Fasting didn't go so well.
I've found new joy in bruising myself.
Never liked cutting. Too much flesh.
I hate the word flesh.

But bruises are nice.
Purpley-blue, green, yellow-brown.
And bruises can have a logical explanation, unlike cuts on my wrists or thighs.

I have a giant, red-sharpie NW on my hand.
For "Not Worthy".


  1. not worthy of what may i ask? because from what i know of you from your posts (remember, i have read every single one of them!) you are certainly MORE THAN WORTHY of all the happiest things in life. please believe me, it hurts to know that you of all people would believe such a lie about yourself! you are a GOOD, KIND and GENUINE person, i wish you could see it... let me know if you want to talk ok?

  2. its seriously breaks my heart at how much you hate yourself. I mean I know I kinda dislike myself too, and we're all our own worst critics, but if you could only see how wonderful you are and how beautifully you were created! you do NOT deserve bruises or cuts or any damage to your beautiful body. There is a love out there for you that you are soooo worthy of, from a guy who's gunna sweep you off your feet one of these days (it may take some time to find him, but I promise he's there), your friends, and other love that you cant even fathom that is loving you right now. I know I sound crazy and you don't believe a word I say, but I promise its true :)

  3. You're very worthy! not.quite.ana said it all. She's right. You're worthy of it all--you deserve it. Stop hurting yourself, please. It won't make anything better. It's just temporary <3