Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I know

I keep disappearing.

And I'm sorry.

I've lost something.

My motivation.
Well, it's there.
So maybe I lost all my willpower.

And I can't blame it on hormones.
Because I'm not about to get my period.

And I can't blame it on being unhappy.
Because at the moment, I'm not particularly unhappy.

Maybe I can blame it on being happy.
Yeah, that sounds legit.


  1. that can be a legit reason. if your happy, why would you care about your weight. obviously being skinny isn't making you happy cuz your happy without it.

    however, thats great that your happy! :)

  2. you deserve to be happy no matter at what weight! so you know what, as long as you're feeling good then screw dieting :)

  3. Well, being happy totally outweighs being thin. Enjoy your happiness, love. You really do deserve it! <3