Friday, January 21, 2011

I've done it in public.

This is my first mobile post, so excuse the shortness and any typos... I'm at my mom's school's sixth and seventh grade dance, and I feel like a terrible role model. Not only did I eat five fun size bags of M&Ms and a fun sized Snickers, I purged it.

In the school bathroom.
While I could hear mothers talking outside the bathroom.

While I was puking, a girl came in for a moment to look in the mirror. Right as I finished, two girls came in, laughing and talking.

My throat hurts. But at least my stomach isn't full anymore.

God, why can't I just be normal?


  1. my cousins used to puke and they would leave the door wide open and i could see everything...

  2. yeah,i hear ya :(

    I purged at my friend's house during a sleep over once... i felt so weird..

    i tried to stop purging