Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Are so gross coming back up.

So gross.

And I feel terrible, because not only did I purge, and now I'm going to get an immense headache, but I also have diarrhea (probably TMI, but you guys hear everything about me now, so whatever), so I feel doubly awful. And I just took a vitamin after my vomiting sesh.
I feel gross.
Yet oddly satisfied.

Basically, I ate too much today, which is why I'm up from yesterday, and probably will gain have gained come tomorrow morning. God knows I won't get sleep, as I have a monologue to memorize, a three-minute speech to prepare, a test to study for, a trip to pack for, and my sanity to find.

I'm going to be up all night.

Just did it again. Veggie burger, right back up.
Fuck. It's so easy. Why is this so easy? It shouldn't be easy.


  1. oh god, noodles are the WORST! i always feel like im throwing up a bucket of worms purging noodles, the only good side to it is they really bother my gag reflex which means they come up faster than other foods. ah the silver lining to everything lol. stay strong

  2. eww. sorry about the dirreeeaaahh (w.e can't spell it too lazy to scroll up). that makes my ass burn. cant sit for a while, so i feel for you. but lately my shit's been like frigging rocks and i cant figure out why. you got such a busy life! sanity is overrated lol. stay strong hun <3

  3. Oh wow, I know how that feels. I've just finished having 'one of those weeks', I think I averaged maybe 4 hours of sleep per night, and now that it's over I'm going to take a loooong nap as soon as I'm done reading blogs.

    Good luck with everything!