Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Just binged.
One container of caramel-chocolate Ben and Jerry's, two Aero bars.

Not going to throw it up... Not feeling like it.
That was the original plan, but... I dunno. It doesn't feel right.
And both my parents are home.
It's easier when I'm home alone.

Tomorrow, I'll feel like shit, even though I don't right now.

I think I might ask K to my senior ball.
I dunno.
He'll probably say no.
Or he'll say yes because he feels bad for me.

Just kidding. I'm not going to ask him.
Jesus, what kind of loser am I?


  1. Just try holding on. Best idea is not to be upset about it and move on. I know that is hard, but try forgiving yourself the slip up. It will be better. Stay safe!

  2. C'mon charlie! you can do this! it's a new year, a new start. let's be the skinny ones this summer, okay? start getting ready for camp, gurl! <3