Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Alright anonymous commenter. You think you're so smart?

Caloric deficiency is the only way to effectively lose weight. My dad (PhD, so he knows what he's talking about) told me this. Yes, it is essentially starving yourself, especially if you're exercising. But your body burns the excess fat more than it hangs on to it. Next time, do your research before you post dumbshit comments.

I'd like to clarify something here. Since a few people before have made some comments that I didn't approve.

I am not stupid. I'm not one of those stupid girls, "Oh, I'm 100 pounds, let's get some attention and starve myself. Hey, everyone I'm soo fat. I'm going on a diet." I am a serious, hardworking, smart (almost)17 year old. I've done my research, and I know what works and what doesn't.

With my metabolism, there is no other effective way of weight loss. Sure, I'm messed up in the head. Sure, anorexia is absolutely insane. I know that. I was always one of the people who swore it would never happen to me, I wouldn't let it, though I realize now Ana was always with me, I just chose to ignore her.

But once it gets in, there's no easy way to get it out. That girl in your head, always glaring disapprovingly when you eat something over 100 calories, always yelling. It gets pretty loud inside. And you can't possibly understand until you've been in listening to her over and over as you look in the mirror, disgusted with your own self.

-end rant-


  1. You tell em girly!!

    i've been getting alot of anonymous commenters too. people are stupid. :)

  2. :) very well put

  3. i liked your rant... i swear people say "oh, thats just a myth" idiots, starving isn't a myth. Its simple. u dont eat: u lose weight.
    the fact anyone actually reasons otherwise is ridiculous, so what if your metabolism slows down, in the long run you body will get the message.

  4. Don't let them get you down! You are doing AWESOME right now, you really are. I mean, look at you! You JUST HIT A NEW LOW WEIGHT! And you even said that your clothes are fitting a little looser these days.
    Remember all of those positive things, and don't let the negatives get you down!
    For every negative comment, there are a bunch more of us rooting you on!