Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, Maury.

I don't get it. These girls on Maury are OBESE. And I'm really not just saying that to be mean, but they are. They're obese bitches, and they get laid more than I do.

Ummm, what?

I'm a nice girl. I have no issues with my face (aside from the bump on my nose, and my fat cheeks...), I have lots of friends, I do my homework, I stay in school, and I'm generally a good kid.

So...why can't I get a boyfriend?
My conclusion: Because I'm fat

But then it confuses me. These bitches on Maury are fat. Some of them look disfigured. But they're getting laid nightly. They have multiple baby-daddies. They've had boyfriends.


Someone explain to me why a fat guy can get a hot chick, but a fat chick can't get a hot guy?

The world makes no sense to me, at all.


  1. its a cruel world for sure...

  2. If you notice, those bitches on Maury are always with douchebags, and i don't say this so u can feel better, but just notice how uneducated and pricks they are! You deserve definitely better and hey xD im in the same boat as u are :/ no boyfriend and wondering wtf is wrong with me.

    My advice is, keep working hard, now it seems like rly absurd, but in a few months you'll see the difference and u'll met that special guy. Just keep moving foward :]!!

    Byes :)

  3. thx for the comment char :)
    made me feel alot better
    lovexx stay strong