Friday, January 22, 2010

Duck, duck, fail.

I feel like shit right now. If I had made it to 8, it would've been a full 24 hours. Fuck

I'm sorry Heather, I'm such a failure. :[

I had no breakfast. Just tea. I had no lunch. Just water. And then, my friend came over. And we went to the grocery store, and bought tons of candy and SHIT. I haven't eaten much at all, just a wafer cookie and teeny bag of Cadbury eggs. But I'm going to be forced into dinner by said friend after my mom's middle-school-kid dance (I have to help her out).

I swear, I'll eat as little as possible at dinner. And tomorrow will be a true fast.

1 comment:

  1. i failed too :'(
    i hate having a boyfriend who thinks the best thing ever is going out on dinner dates.
    and i want to fast tomorrow too, but my uncle is having a cookout :(((