Monday, January 11, 2010

In the overall scheme of things, my butterscotch candies are not my problem... And sugar-free gum does absolutely nothing for me... I like things I can crunch.

My problem is my love for dinner. And breakfast. And lunch.
Luckily my hatred for fat overrides that love most of the time.

Dance went great. My teacher told me that even though I'm not in the advanced class, I can still audition for the concert that my dance school holds every 2 years. Tomorrow, I'm going to fast for the hell of it. Because I can.

Today, my friends and I were talking with the athletic trainer, who has apparently been on a diet and has lost 58 pounds (good for him!). While discussing dieting, one of my (skinny) friends says "Why bother dieting? Why waste your life not enjoying everything?"

To myself, I thought, "I'd enjoy everything more if everything I enjoyed didn't make me fatter."

But if I voiced that out loud, I'd get punched. Oh wait, I did. And I got punched.


  1. i hate that too... my thin friends don't understand why anyone would worry about what they eat and i get slapped when i say im fat :P

  2. ouch. she seriously punched you?