Monday, January 4, 2010

Love/Hate Relationship

Things I Love
-Losing weight
-Pin curls
-The 1950s
-Good perfume
-Nail polish
-Flavored lip gloss
-Philosophy products
-My friends&family
-Being a part of this community
-Guitar playing
-Writing songs

Things I Hate
-Gaining weight
-Fake blonde bimbos
-Ugly skinny people
-High cal

I drew you all a picture.
It's kind of shitty. But I like the eyes.


  1. i like it all... ur right though,
    the eyes: fucking fantastic...
    love, hate and nothing in between... i hate that part...

  2. We have soo much in common. lol. I'm addicted to philosophy products, and i've often said my life would be better if it was a musical and everyone could break out in song during a dramatic part. :)