Monday, January 25, 2010

Well, I failed.

Tomorrow is a new day. No dinner for me tonight. God knows I ate enough already.

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  1. i absolutely hate hate hate that conversation in your head thing.
    mine goes on constantly, 24/7, even when im sleeping sometimes i dream about food, and about myself when i was 215 pounds, nd about how i will look if i dont eat this or dont eat that...
    tomorrow is a new day. tomorrow you will be ably to pick off a piece of that bracelet ;)
    i loove that idea btw. genius!

    also, i agree that the war is completely retarded and should have never happened in the first place. and i hate that MY cousin has to go off and be shot at, because of some biggot president who thought he was mr big balls...

    i wish you the best for tomorrow. you can do it! if it's either eat or dont eat and no in between, then choose to not eat, because it feels better. dont even start. stop before it even begins to start beginning.
    lol. i just reread that, and it made no sense... lol xD