Friday, January 1, 2010

I need your help. Now.

I need some help from you guys. This week, on Friday, I'm leaving for a drama conference that will last until Sunday. They feed us meals, good hotel food, every day.

I need new excuses. I'm running out. "I'm not hungry, I ate a huge breakfast (or dinner last night)," isn't going to work when "I'm not feeling well this morning," was used for breakfast, and "I had a huge lunch," was used for dinner the night before.
I need ways of avoiding the food, the giant buffets set up for hundreds of normal, hungry high school students, set up to tempt the one who loses it like the Incredible Hulk when she starts eating (that's me in case you were wondering). I need a way out. Help me, please.


  1. What if you just put small amounts of low cal things on your plate move it around and take a few bites, talk a lot and when everyone else is done, get up with them and act like you ate a lot more than you did. I do that with my friends all the time. They never really notice and if they do you can say that you have been feeling a little queezy and your not sure if you will be able to hold it all down. I hope that helped a little.

  2. saying u just exercised so you can't stomach food, even saying you just walked a long way will usually do. also, saying ur allergic to something about the foods... or at very least, the unhealthy ones.
    allergic to gluten gets u out of bread, chips and cake. plus its kinda obsure so people will believe you

  3. I know you clearly have a problem with food.
    But your big enough (no offense)
    To eat 1200 calories PER DAY and still lose weight.
    Check out
    Enter in your stats, they will give you some recommendations to lose weight.

    Binging and starving yourself will NOT make you thin.

    Eat 1200 calories per day.
    Continue exercising.
    Eat back your exercise calories, or dont..
    And you can maintain a loss of 2.5 pounds a week.

    If you continue as you are, you may get to goal eventually.
    But you'll get fat again.

    PS: I am not trying to be a C**t.

  4. okay, im getting creative now, how about saying you just took some kind of medicine that won't absorb if you eat food straight after taking it...or or or you could say that you must have caught something because your throat hurts when you swallow and you'd rather just stick to iced water to soothe it... you saw a roach on your way in so you've been put off eating cause youre a little paranoid one will turn up in a meal... thats all i can come up with...

  5. Is there a way to pack your own food for the weekend? Like fruits, and veggies?

    or you can drink tons of water (and i mean TONS) so that by the time you eat, your so full you can barely get anything in?

  6. When I have to be away, I pack things AND load up my plate with smaller portions that I move around! LOL both suggestions here :)
    When I traveled to my in laws house, I packed 100 calorie packs (cookies or cheezits) to snack on, but when we had dinner or lunches, I really picked around after two days of pretending my stomach hurt. I'd give them all a try!