Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I have an idea.

If it works, it's brilliant.
If it fails, it's crazy.

I have a new Ana-bracelet. It's not red. It's not glass beads, it's not shiny or eye-catching.

It's a candy necklace.

Okay, okay, bear with me. It SOUNDS crazy. But it has meaning.
First, for every day that I continuously fast for 24 hours, I get to take a candy off (not eat, by that time they'll be, um, gross.
Also, it's symbolic. I'm wearing my weakness on my wrist, my heart on my sleeve. If I can fast and restrict with sugary goodness on my body 24/7, I can do anything at all.

Fasting begins tomorrow. Chloe came over today. Stupid me, I opened the door for her. Nom nom nom nom nom. I'll stop being pathetic.

Sunday is the best day to start, it's like a new beginning.


  1. Candy bracelet? that's effing DARING! LOVE IT! I wanna do that too it's just so edgy!

    girls at my school like to make their asses look big too. Black girls ya know? their butts are like POW! wish mine wasn't from the white half of my family lol.

    I've tried shrinking the clothes but they won't shrink any further! o.O stupid former fatty me.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that idea!
    You mind if I borrow it?

  3. That's so clever. And funny too. I'm giggling, thanks for sharing!

  4. haha, wow, that's a REALLY awesome idea! :D
    Good Luck!!!!
    Hope your wrist doesn't get sticky ;) that would suck. lol

  5. I agree with Mina Belle that is daring. And everyone else, I love it! I think I might just have to borrow that from you.

  6. You're my first blog i've caught back up on (ive been away), and i've missed so many posts, but i figured i just do this sum up comment:
    sorry to hear about the binges, if its any consolation ive been a fat pig last couple of days too. Whenever I need comfort, potato is on my list aswell and i read up about it and found out that its because it actually raises seritonin levels or something and makes you feel calm and happy.
    huge goodluck for the fasting and your new jewelry :D
    if it works let us know and im so in on it :)