Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby come back.

I'm back, guys! I'll give you an overview of my sucky yet awesome weekend.

Alright. First, I was extremely confused because this really ugly guy who came from my school was picking up all these chicks. Then, I was lectured by a sophomore on how to get guys (a skinny, model-esque sophomore). Then, we formed an awesome guitar circle, and about 75 or 80 people out of the 500 or so that were there circled around us and started singing with us. I was also informed that I'm going to have to kiss a guy I used to like a whole lot for the play, while he has a girlfriend, who will come to the play, making my life awk. Not to mention that he doesn't brush his teeth.
And that was only the first night.

Basically, my entire weekend was just me realizing more and more how inadequate I am, and how socially awkward I am. I should be shut away from society. The skinny sophomore ended up getting with the guy that I had thought was cute. Well, not "getting with", but they came close, or so I hear.

Now that my life update is complete, time for a weight update. I ate really small portions this weekend, but my stomach only growled once or twice the entire time, so I was nervous stepping back on the scale. I'm back to 166.8, thank you Jesus, but I realized this weekend that until I'm semi-attractive, guys won't even want to talk to me. They never do.

Now, I'm going to go eat a turkey sandwich.

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  1. just think how beautiful you'll be, how much weight you'll have lost. You're beautiful and thin and everything you want is all around you.
    It's not too far away, stay strong, it's the best we can do for now :)