Thursday, January 21, 2010

So I kind of like a sophomore, which is weird, because I hate younger kids (no offense if you're younger :]).

But that's not my point today.

My point is, I've been bingeing. I've binged two days fucking straight, what the hell man.
I dunno about you guys, but when I'm sick and feel like shit, all I want is potatoes and chocolate and cheese and milk. All together. On a plate. Maybe some crackers thrown in there. With some caramel sauce and lo-mein, and a fortune cookie to top it off.

And I digress.

@Heather; I concur. Let us commence the Emperor's-New-Groove-style wall-climbing? I'm going to do my best to fast tomorrow... Here's hoping. I want to be skinny, but...My only comfort ever has been food. Without it, I'm lost. Or so I thought. Now my only comfort is the scale going down.

Eating makes my heart hurt.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    i kind of secretly love bingeing... i love the high i get after filling up the empty space after fasting, but its so not worth the aftermath :/
    im fasting with you.
    and im going to drink water, because i've been majorly dehydrated for way too long, which could be why i've been so out of control lately :/
    but no more!
    tomorrow will be the start of something beautiful.
    i read on dancingthroughraindrops blog today something about how amazing it feels to drink icy water and feel it going down into a parched empty stomach...
    i want that :(
    i also want to not have a hurting heart :(
    here's to fasting tomorrow!
    stay strong girl, we can do this!

  2. .... and hot toast with truckloads of butter and uncooked brownie mixture and salt&vinegar chips and then... aaaahhhh! I know how you feel..
    Btw thanks for the comment on my post ;)
    hang in there x

  3. potatoes sound really good right now. But just think, skinny is going to feel sooo much better!!!

    Stay Strong!

  4. I'm fasting too.
    I got my metabolism moving and so now I'm fasting for another 24 hours minimum.