Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To V, or not to V?

Anyone want to educate me on the wonders (and horrors) of being vegan? I know, I know, I told you all how much I love meat...and milk...and eggs...and cheese...

If someone would elucidate the exact restrictions that a vegan diet has, that would be great. I'm considering it. It's either that or vegetarian, which may be the one that happens.
I know the basic, no animals/animal byproducts. But specifics? Like, really specific? I know for a fact that Oreos are vegan, but I don't plan on eating those. xD


  1. I was vegan for about five months two years ago for animal liberation reasons more than weight issues (wich were involved but not precisely). I lost like five-seven kg during those five months. The thing about being a vegan is that when you learn to respect animals you can't eat anymore of them. Meat becomes a corpse more than a meal and then restricting yourself to food becomes way easier.

    Reading or watching animal liberation stuff is definitly going to help you stop eating stuff like eggs and meat :)

    Now I'm a vegetarian, because dairy is included in a lot of stuff I love, but I don't consume as much milk or butter as I used to... (fattening stuff, or whatever)

    Good luck with the vegan/vegetarian diet :)

    p.d a lot of vegetarians gain weight because most vegetarian stuff in restaurants or fast food is VERY fattening, so you'll have to be very careful with that... :)

  2. no idea, you have to like, look on the ingredients for everything and learn all the technical names of things that originate from animals like... Arachidyl Proprionate and Benzoic Acid etc etc.
    ome sites I found:

  3. I've been a vegetarian for the last 6 years, and have just turned vegan for the past 2 weeks. As a meat-eater I would say you try out being veggie for a while first and gradually cut things out of your diet, because it will be too much if you go straight to vegan. I have been veggie for a long time and didnt use to have milk and had very little yoghurt and cheese so im finding veganism quite easy, although there is soooo much you cannot eat, you just have to be careful and read the food labels very carefully.