Sunday, June 13, 2010


I know I disappeared without warning.

I missed you guys.

I went away for a bit.
Worked a bit.
Hauled some picnic tables a bit.
Tried not to worry about my weight a bit.
Failed a bit.
Didn't work out one bit.
Met my coworkers a bit.
Washed dishes a bit.
Ate a bit.

Scratch that.
Ate a LOT.
I'm scared to weight myself right now... Scaredscared, especially since I just had 8 Le Petit Écolier cookies (1040 calories, for all of those. Can we all say CHARLIE IS DISGUSTING). And some chips.
And the non-diet Snapple that I had while working.

It started out a good day, and went downdowndownhill.

Wow, I got two new followers over the time I was gone. Hi! -waves-
Maybe I should leave you all more often?

Nahhh. :]

Love you guys. Stay wonderful.


  1. Your comment just made me smile, on a really bad day. If you like my blog don't read my recent post. It's shamefully poor. But there is a pic of my tattoo on it.

    What little I've just read of your blog I aime very much. Blog stalking you is going on my to do list. Along with many other things, including 'get a life' so don't hold it against me if I don't comment much.

    Thanks again :)

  2. I binged like crazy this weekend and finally started purging again.

    Feels like shit.

    I fucked up this ENTIRE WEEKEND. I didn't gain any weight... so take a shit, seriously, and you will be okay.

    Love you.

  3. I'm glad you are back! Can you try to wait to weigh yourself until after you've fasted or restricted for a day? Or even eating lightly... After I have had a screw up, being sensible and waiting a bit helps me to not immediately wanna slit my wrists...

  4. I hate it when days start out good then end up horribly! I can relate to you on this one. D: