Sunday, June 6, 2010

Project: Rant

Have you guys heard of this website?
You leave them rants, and the good ones get made into videos!

It's awesome, I'm totally addicted.

Also, I'm fat. My plan is typed up, as are the rules. The next three weeks are entirely planned, food- and exercise-wise.
I'm going to start weighing myself weekly. Day-weighs are fucking stressful. I need less stress, as my final exams begin Thursday (with Psychology- my teacher will most likely have us taking notes until the last day, Wednesday). Luckily I only have two finals, but the rest of my exams are state exams. Ugh. I will fail Chemistry, our fucking teacher has taught us NOTHING. We spent three months learning a form of electron configuration that isn't even on the state test, AND the form that is on the state test is in the reference tables!!!

Fuck that. I know I'm going to fail.

So, as all my hard work from the past two weeks was thrown out the window in TWO FUCKING DAYS, I start a new three-week adventure, in an attempt to lose over 10 pounds in 14 days. Haha, good joke, Charlie.


  1. oh honey im gonna fail my chem regents (state exam) too. my teacher still isnt done teaching and the exam in next week. good luck with the 10lbs!! =]

  2. Aww, thats just how I feel. Let me ruin my life with food (usualy in the form of pizza or cookies) I feel so so fat. Then it's like okay lets fix this cold turky. Some day we will get a grip and be okay.

  3. Hey I know you can do it! I'm trying to lose 8-9 lbs this week!!! Also good luck on your finals. Gawd, state exams are always shit because they expect you to know things that you might not!!! Just wait, college is better they can't test you on what they don't teach, but then there's the problem of them teaching too much...
    Good luck Charlie Angel!