Monday, June 7, 2010

Today was:

1. Not so great.
2. Better than yesterday.
3. Full of girl drama.
4. Surprisingly joyful.

So despite the fact that I have eaten quite a bit today, not following my plan, today was happy.

Jesus, stop making me happy, people! Happy = binge = unhappy = binge more = get pissed = even more unhappy.

Which all eventually leads back to starving, but there are so many binge periods in between.
I need to starve more.
Eat less.
Which is why tomorrow is a liquid fast day (it's true- it's on my schedule. So I fudged dinner and switched some things around. It's now liquid fast).
For all intents and purposes, Tootsie Pops are considered liquid. I get one at lunch to go with my little carton of chocolate milk, and one for after dinner (which will consist of V8 Light, but not the 10 calorie kind, which kills me. It is yummy, though).

There's this girl, that I've become really close to all of a sudden. She's the really pretty, confident one who is just a teeny bit smaller than me, whom I adore.
A few of her friends, who now sit at our lunch table, have been getting on her case for liking C (the guy I pissed off, but am now friends with, who dated a nasty skank and is still completely heartbroken over it). Then they started talking about the rest of our table. Not cool girls, not cool at all. We aren't in middle school anymore.
She thinks something is going on my C and his ex (plausible. There's always something going on with them), and since I've had experiences with him, we were talking about it as she drove me home (still don't have my license... I know. I'm a loser. Took Driver's Ed last summer, have had my permit over a year now...), and I actually talked to her on the phone.
Most people don't realize what a big deal this is because I hatehateHATE talking on the phone. I've never liked it. I don't like calling people, I don't like talking on the phone with people, it just pisses me off.
But I actually had an enjoyable conversation with her.

She is honestly the nicest person I've ever met.
I wanna be like her...

Charlie signing off. I will get to those beautiful comments soonish, because there are things I want to respond to, but I have to make sure my hair looks nice for the second to last day of school. Love you all!

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  1. Yaaaaa, you like Korean music? Jajaja DBSK? I'm so old school. I miss Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, HOT, Drunken Tiger, Yoo Seung Jun, etc. Although I have a MAJOR soft spot for Kim Hyun Joong of SS501.

    Don't even get me started about dramas. Now I can use Korean expressions with you? Ai-goo. You're my honorary Korean chingoo (friend).

    I'm so glad you had a great day! You deserve it.