Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Don't laugh.
I swear, I'll bite you and spit you out if you do.

I'm playing Quidditch this weekend.
The response I'm expecting is, "Wow, you're such a fucking badass playing Quidditch. I wish I could be as cool as you Charlie."

No, just kidding.
But I'm on Slytherin. So now I'm focusing on how to make this nasty green shirt look semi-decent.
I'd prefer a black shirt.

But that's just me; you know- how black is so slimming and all.

I think I'm on runner's high right now, even though I didn't run all that much. I just feel so awesome and happy and smiley. The fact that L and I talked today in class helps too. :] He's adorable. If he turns out to actually be gay, I want him as my GBF (Gay Best Friend). Like Maxxie from Skins.
Love. Him.

As I waited for a friend to take me home and watched as others worked on their shirts for Quidditch, people decided to go get food. My friend C (the guy I pissed off, that I'm friends with again, because I'm such a good fucking apologizer) says, "Charlie (actually, he said my real name), N (my friend I was waiting for), are you guys coming? You wanna go get food?"
I shook my head. Looked at my fat stomach.
But it's the first time he's said my name or spoken to me directly in months.

Maybe dinner tonight. The french bread Lean Cuisine pizza looks good. Maybe a quarter, feed the rest to the dogs?
I feel kind of dizzy, which to me is good.
I started the day off at 156.something. Came home after watermelon, and chocolate-roasted almonds (which are better than chocolate-covered, so much. Only a hint of chocolate, not overwhelming, and not overly sweet. And only 100 calories per pack!) , and a cookie (ew, I know, you don't have to remind me), weighed in at 155.something.
153.5 is so close I can almost taste it. I'm going to try for 150 by Sunday. My goals have been updated as of recently, let me try to find my original goals list, and I'll tell you what the real number is...
So I've gotten past three of my original goal weights since November.

I hugged my dad today, his remark? "You're getting skinnier!"

I know.
I haven't weighed this little since eighth grade.

"How far do you want to go, like, what's your goal?"

Uh.. 110? 115?

"Wow, you'll be REALLY skinny," he says with a worried look.

If only he knew how far I really want to go.

PollyDolly; I love you so much it can't even be described! We will be the skinny bitches that everyone's jealous of.
And I won't write him off just because of the facial hair! XD It just turns me off a teensy bit. A little bit of scruff can be sexaaayyy. :]

Dreams.and.Bones.; Aw, I'm glad I can be inspiring to someone. :] Everyone's always so inspiring to me that it's nice to return the favor! It does feel awesome to lose five pounds in five days, since I can feel that it's real and I can see it (more in my legs than in my fat blobby tire belly, but still). Thank you for your wonderfully lovely comment. <3

Heather; Dammit, I missed you! I'm glad to see you back, and I miss reading your blog too! Love you <3

1. Varsity Quidditch. It's gonna be big.
2. Skinny? Not quite. But soon.
3. Aww, I love you guys.

I don't know why, I just feel bubbly and happy right now. Not even my Skinny Annoying Friend can piss me off right now.


  1. please don't make fun of me, I'm old - how do you play quidditch? without magic?

  2. umm yea i was gonna as the same question as kelly...im a little confused.

  3. Quidditch is something from Harry Potter. And he went to Hogwart's. And he's a wizard. Oh and his friends are Ron and Hermoine. That is the extent of my knowledge, gained from movie trailers and eavesdropping. Lol, please explain!!! To say you're cool I have to know what the hell you're doing!!!!! Good job with the weightloss!!!!!
    BTW, what ever happened to that self portrait you were going to post?!?

  4. Teehee, quiditch. I duno how you would play without magic either but it sounds fun. Ummm... so jelouse of your bubbly mood. I cannot believe you told your dada you even wanted to go that far. Like OMG. Oh well. <3's- katie.

  5. lol same as the others..without magic? how? o.O
    but my response really was the one you were looking for XD i so want to play. Jealous.

  6. Wow, you're such a fucking badass playing Quidditch. I wish I could be as cool as you Charlie!!!
    no seriosuly, that is pretty awesome, and i am jealous :]
    yay for being skinnier!!
    and i missed you too but im definitely back now :]]