Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss me?

I missed you. :]

The good news is I went shopping today. :]
The bad news is I'm still fat. Possible fatTER :[
And exhausted.

I know I know I know I promised you guys a HUUUUUGE post with all my rantings and musings from my journal. I'm not going to lie I didn't get as much chance to write as I would've liked.

But I will post all that (tomorrow).
Because right now I need some fucking sleep.
I was up until like 12:30 in the morning watching Rent with my adorable little cousin (I say little because she's so cute (and TINY, I'm jealous), but she's going to be a freshman next year. How fast they grow), and then I was awake at 7:30 when my other cousin came in and jumped on the beds we were sleeping on. Eee.

I will post all of it tomorrow, and I will be fasting tomorrow. If anyone would like to join me, feel free! :]

Tell me what's been going on in all your lives right now, give me a list if you wish, or write me giant paragraphs. I'm sorry, I just can't handle the beautiful backlog of Blogger posts that you guys have most certainly dreamed (dreamt?) up, even though I'm sure each and every single one of them is absolutely positively amazing. What can I say, I'm a terrible person.

So, tell me every tiny little detail in a comment (because you know I love them, and you!)- list or paragraph form, I don't care!

Love you all. :]

{3 (the reason it's a { instead of the pointy sideways V is because Blogger is an asshole, telling me I'm making an HTML error. Puck you Blogger, Puck you.)


  1. Hey!!!!! It sounds like you had fun! I love the movie Rent! I saw it like a month ago on tv and I was like omg rock opera+movie=very happy me.
    Soooo I have been doing 900cals a day and running everyday. Wasn't losing anything and thought it wasn't working but it turned out aunt flo came to town on wednesday (tmi I kno) and then I went up a pound(not a real pound, like 0.6) on thursday, but I was down THREE pounds today. So I've lost 2.4 lbs so far this week. I was really down wednesday night and did a gloom and doom post and said I felt like a whale. Also I couldn't workout wednesday night because my stomach was being inhabited by oopma loompas.
    Oh and my friend is having a yard sale on saturday and I thought he didn't invite me so I made a post on here that he was an ahole but 2 hours after I'd posted I got an FB invite and felt like a heel. It always happens like that! I'm not going though because I weigh more than last time I saw him and it would be the first time I meet his wife (he's been DYING to have us meet for AGES) and I don't want the first impression to be of this bloaty girl. Also I'm kinda blowing them off for wimbeldon championships (FEDERER!!!!) But don't tell anyone, lol.
    I've also started looking up pics of cristiano ronaldo because he is adorable and I am thisclose to rooting for portugal to win the world cup...even more than usa (traitor). I'm beginning to think that all soccer guys are inherently hot. David beckham, cristiano, and even SC (my real life hot scottish soccer guy, just a refresher). I've finally found a sport I can and want to connect to. Well, maybe just connect to the players....

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yay im glad your back!!!!!
    im on day 6 of abc go igure huh omg i havent gone this long without binging in.... a looong time :]
    and im down to 154 finally in the lower half of 150s havent been here in forever...
    im breaking up with my bf cuz i decided i wanna be a slut :P hehe
    i posted pictures of me on day one of abc and will post progress pictures every week
    what else....
    oh yeah i missed youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!
    i would wish you good luck on your fast, but i know your gonna finish the day perfectly because your awesome, so i guess im wishing you a goood day in general :]
    im doing liquids only tomorrow :]
    sooooo glad your back :] yay <333