Monday, June 14, 2010

I binged today.

Liquid fasting tomorrow until Sunday (hopefully... I have a dance recital Saturday. May be forced to eat something).

Ah screw it, I'm liquid fasting until Sunday.

It's time to stop being a fucking fatass. I feel disgusting.


  1. Good luck with fasting <3 I'm in that dangerous spot right now of saying screw it...can almost feel another binge coming on. I hope to fucks sake I can keep it together-- I know you can :]

  2. Blahhhhhhh I binged ALL WEEKEND. Pizza, ice cream, eggs... FUCK!

    Laxies all day today. I'm going to fast, too.

  3. Good for you!! Now I feel all motivated to become skinny as well. You're so strong for being able to fast for so long.

    Good luck and have a lovely dance recital!

  4. Good luck with your fast. Thank you so much for the commennt on my blog, Oh my god maybe made my day. Of course I feel dumb for thinking one had 45 calories. Only 7 in a strawberry means I didn't exceed 1000calories which means I'm okay. Of course I already ran so that is that, but OMFG THANK YOU. :)
    Okay, katie is spazing. <3's

  5. i am fasting from today til sunday too.
    so i wish you bet of luck and willpower.

  6. Thank you for your comment and support, really you have no idea how much it means.
    Thank you