Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's apparently my choice.

I wasn't going to blog today.

I wasn't.
Mostly due to the fact that I ate horribly, and am attempting to properly fast tomorrow.
Key word: attempting.

But now I am. Because I had to tell you guys about something a friend said today that really fucking pissed me off.

Four of us were sitting at this bagel place in between exams, eating and such (I only had coffee with milk and sugar. But that's beside the point). It was me and my friends B, M, and L.
We're all joking around and M starts making fun of B for being socially awkward, etc. I laugh and say, "Well, I'm socially awkward too!"
Here's my favorite line.
B says to me, "Yeah but you're socially awkward because you CHOOSE to be, I just naturally am."

Excuse me. What?
Okay, wait, I get it. I'm not socially awkward because I'm incredibly self-conscious, and have at least one eating disorder, maybe a personality disorder, and am generally fucked up mentally.
I'm socially awkward because I CHOOSE TO BE.

It all makes sense now.

(If you didn't catch the blatant sarcasm inherent in that little rant, go back and read it again. Dude, I just used the word "inherent" in a sentence. XD)


  1. Wow. I mean, I think in a way B was supposed to be complimenting you, but that sounds just stupid :/

  2. Wow...that's just...messed up. Why would "they" say something like that? It's like saying someone chooses to be depressed...but I agree with Charr. about her trying to compliment you and it just came out wrong. Maybe people should really think before they speak.

  3. ummm... i would say this is a prime example of your friend B being extremely awkward and saying the complete wrong thing.

    Good luck fasting!

  4. Um...that just sounds strange. Maybe she's saying that you're a very likeable person and could talk to people more if you wanted to but she is incapable of doing such....
    Stay strong on your fast babe, you can do it!

  5. Wow how tactful B. She's either a tad stupid or nasty, ignore her darling :)

  6. I will be great, if you join the diet.

    Kate Lunacy