Monday, June 21, 2010

Vegan Propaganda. (Holy shit this is a long post, I'm sorry.)

I realize this is my second shitty post of the day. Sorry. I need to vent this out.

Now, I respect you if you're Christian, Muslim, vegan, vegetarian, black, white, green, whatever. I respect you for being strong enough to wake up each morning and keep going, even though sometimes life is just really not fucking worth it. I respect you for holding strong to your convictions, even though there are always going to be people who disagree with you.

I will not respect you if you, like the authors of the "New York Times Bestseller" Skinny Bitch, are a complete fucking moron with no real credentials and shitty, conflicting information in your "bestseller". I will not respect you if you insult me for holding my own personal beliefs.

My dad purchased this book for me a few years back, telling me that a lot of it was bullshit vegan propaganda (when I use the term 'vegan propaganda', I'm referring to their falsely certified sources, their blatant product placement, and their overall holier-than-thou vegan attitude. Even if I'm not vegan, you should respect me for my personal choices, not insult me because of them).

And it is. It is a bunch of bullshit written by two absolute idiots.

In the book, readers are expected to be "shocked" into a vegan lifestyle, making (and I quote from the back cover) "intelligent and educated decisions about food".

In the book, these two idiots- excuse me, authors, tell us that milk contains radioactive ingredients.
No shit, Sherlock! Were you aware that your body is composed of nuclear materials?!? Radioactive materials reside in every single part of our lives- every day we are bombarded by alpha, beta, and gamma particles. All are radioactive.

They also make the claim that negative emotions can cause cancer. And death.
Okay, girls. Sure.

Not only that, but any and all pills or medicines we take are completely unnecessary.
So, lovely authors, pray tell, do you expect me to recover from cancer by happiness and joy alone? I bet the millions who have died from cancer would beg to differ.

And alright, I suppose that physically we aren't capable of hunting down deer with our bare hands. This is why we have developed noggins that allow us to create weaponry.
The reason we have canines is to bite and tear meat. Molars are for crushing and grinding things, like plant matter. Humans were meant for an omnivore lifestyle, and our teeth prove it.

However, some people choose to not eat meat. Or any animal byproducts.
And I respect that. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions.

Like my right to complain about this dreadful book, and the right that I had to read aforementioned book.

I didn't tell you guys, but I've decided to actually start a vegetarian lifestyle. I went for about a week. Had pepperoni pizza (I told you, my eating has been terrible). Felt disgusting afterward.
Had turkey. Felt less disgusting, but still moderately disgusting.
So that's that. The last time I had meat was Saturday evening, I believe. The turkey.
The thought of eating the hamburger cooked lovingly by my father on our new grill disgusted me Sunday evening. So I ate.... something else instead.

Today did not end so well.
I wasn't truly anywhere close to 500. I can't lie to anyone.
So I'll continue tomorrow. With Day 2: 500.

I'm not going to bring my computer with me.
Didn't I tell you? I'm leaving for my cousin's house tomorrow. It's a few states away.
Sorry, I'm kind of... Out of it. Been bingeing for approximately 3 weeks now. Feel like shit.

Anyway, I'm not bringing my computer. But I'll write the progress of my days down in my journal. And I promise you guys that I'll post one big long post of what I wrote. Maybe I'll cut the less important things down a bit, but I'll still let you know.
Sorry for disappearing. Sorry for disappearing again.
Still need to pack.
I'll miss you all.
Maybe you'll miss me.
I dunno.
Sorry this post is so long.
I wonder if people really would miss me if I completely disappeared. Not like, dead. But just gone.

I love you.


  1. I WILL MISS YOU :) Have fun dear.
    Sounds pretty creepy, but I'd totally be devestated if you disappeared :/
    We love you too! :]

  2. I would miss you charlie-angel! Good job on not eating the hamburger! I'm a stark vegetarian (I was a vegan for a bit but that's so damned hard) but only because I think there are steriods in the meat. And too much pollution in the oceans (thanks for verifying BP). Also because I like losing a lot of weight quickly. I read skinny bitch. I laughed the whole time. Like some stuff made sense like how cow milk is designed to nourish baby calfs. But overall, it's fun to read. Even if some stuff is BS, it's still okay!
    Have fun at your cousin's house, I'm looking forward to the big ass post to come!

  3. congrats on vegetarianism! ive been veg since seventh grade... i dont even remember what meat tastes like. idk.
    that book sounds pretty hilarious, and as a vegan myself(except when im bingeing... ugh) i back you up a hundred percent in your dislike for all the ones who think that shocking people with false facts is the way to go about changing minds. everyones body is their own to do with it whatever they please and nobody should be able to tell anyone else what to do and what not to do with their bodies.
    unless of course what youre doing is life threatening, but obviously eating meat is not life threatening.......... duh
    anyway, i hope you have a good time at your cousins!!! come back asap!

  4. Hell yes we would miss you babe. That book sounds like a lode of ****. Haha I went vegan. The meat and dairy industry mistreats animals keeping them in cramped pen causeing them distrass and ingury as well as bruising the meat. Vegan simply chose not to contribute to these actions. Or at least thats what they told me. Maybe it's **** to. Oh well. You better give us a great big post when you get back. I'll miss you. :) ,3's- Katie. P.S. good luck at your cusins.

  5. I read skinny bitch a year ago, and just like anything else I read, I took it with a grain of salt. Those ladies are out to make money, I think they even say it at one point in the book, something about not wanting real jobs & their choice of language was to draw attention and sell books. I also agree their book is filled with contradictions, I wonder how the editor allowed such inconsistencies to be published.

    Everyone has a right to eat whatever they want. I wish people could understand as a veg/vegan I'm not judging their choices. I know it's a privilege to even have a choice of what to eat & I respect that.

    I may be veg/vegan, but I still cook meat for my husband because that is what he prefers. I just want to be able to explain how much guilt I feel turning down others cooking when it contains something I've chosen not to eat. I don't want the host/chef to be insulted and trust me, I would gladly eat their food no matter what was in it, if only meat & dairy could be a 'sometimes' food in my diet, but they upset my stomach so much that I can't eat them only on occasion. For me, it really is all or nothing with my body and I've chosen to cut out meat/dairy entirely because I feel my food shouldn't make me sick no matter the time frame in between servings.